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First Robotics Team 6964


We have students gaining hands-on experience with negotiating with school officials for grants, and organizing sponsorships with local businesses.


Students learn about the engineering process, from using 3D modeling software like Fusion to manufacturing the robot from scratch.


Bearbots members have the skills organize themself, and to plan with multiple different teams to turn our ideas into a reality.


In addition to FIRST robotics, our members value educating the community. We frequently reach out to middle and elementary schools to teach kids STEM and incubate interest in robotics.


Many members of our FIRST robotics team go on to compete in combat robotics during the off season. Combat robotics is useful for building skills and fostering teamwork.


FIRST robotics is an expensive endeavor, building and testing a robot and attending multiple competitions every year. Our team always welcomes donations, no matter the amount.